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Anatomy of the Kaddish

How to be a Jewish Heretic - Sources

What Constitutes a Blessing?

A Value-Based,Traditional Jewish Wedding

Teshuva and Transformation

Talmudic Lessons about Jewish Fanaticism

Full Female Participation in Jewish Ritual Life

Jewish Women and the Obligation to Pray

Bar Kamtza and the End of Jewish Sovereignty

The Reinvention of the Jewish People

Honi the Circle-Drawer and the Burden of Miracles

Earthly Revelation: Torah Min Haaretz

The Irrelevance of Revelation

After Darwin: Reimagining the Sacred

Elisha ben Abuyah: The Faith of a Heretic

Rumblings of Justice

Conflict Resolution in the Talmud

Challenges Facing the Israeli Army

Halakha and Preventive Medicine

The Mitzvah of Diplomacy

The Extinction of God

The Invention of Chutzpah

Origin of Human Rights



We Need to Talk About BRCA

Why Jews Don’t Do Boycotts

Why This Tisha b’Av Must Be Different

Technology: The Talmud and the Twitterverse

The Higher Authority Lies Within

My Yom Kippur Confession

Breaking the Spell of Sinai

Teaching a Troubled People How to Love

Why Do We Mourn on Tisha b'Av?

Elisha ben Abuyah: The Faith of a Heretic

Love Involves Challenges Too

How the Talmud Can Be a Roadmap to Peace

The Halachic Duty to Avoid Civilian Casualties

What's So Wrong With Hametz?

God After Darwin

A Brief History of Chutzpah

Is There a Blessing for God?

Answering the Call

Mountains Beyond Mountains

Jacob and the Struggle for Dialogue

Judah: A Life Less Ordinary

Elijah: Reality of Fantasy